Thursday, 18 July 2013

Across St. John's and time to celebrate!

After 16 days and almost 1500 kms we finally made it to St. John's yesterday! I would like to tell all of you that we had the winds at our backs but the Tutu Navigator would not be pleased with me if I did. We did have sunshine once again!

Let's see I left you last when we were cycling along the busy Trans Canada Highway in Whitbourne. The day after, we rode to a place called Bay Bulls about 40kms outside of St. John's. We had a chance to ride on a more peaceful road to the ocean. I'm not going to lie but it was a little terrifying watching all of the transport trucks zoom by. Fortunately for me I get to head back to Ottawa to visit Mae and Phoebe today so I will not be venturing back on that highway again to go on the ferry to Nova Scotia.

Anyway, back to Bay Bulls. I got to see all of my puffin friends on a boat tour run by the amazing O'Briens! I even got to see whales and all kinds of other bird friends like the razor bill. It was like I was in the movie Jurassic Park, birds were flying everywhere. I also got to see whales and see their tale as they dove deeper into the water. As a puffin, I have seen lots of this but my cycling friends were in awe. My battery for my camera died but Princess Francine got a lot of pictures and videos that I will post another day.

After the tour we got to stay on a friendly and kind friend's lawn in Bay Bulls. We overlooked the bay, it was really beautiful!

The next day we headed out for our last stretch to St. John's. Guess what? Another massive hill to climb! This one went on forever and ever. But we finally got to our hostel and took off all of our bags on our bikes and the Tutu Navigator climbed me up to Signal Hill! Take a look at the pictures to really get the view of St. John's!

We had a great time celebrating and today we will rest. I will be going back to Ottawa today with my new friend from Bay Bulls (another puffin friend) and Princess Francine and Handsome Heather will be flying back to Ottawa tomorrow. The Tutu Navigator said that Phoebe and Mae might have some new adventures for me so I can't wait to meet them in a few days!

The Tutu Navigator and her husband will head back out on the road tomorrow for another 140 kms to the ferry back to Nova Scotia. I think they might take two days to get there. The ferry will take about 15 hours this time and then ride back to Sydney.

Who knows what adventures are in store for me after today but I hope you had fun with me on this one! Keeping looking out for the Tutu Navigator as she finishes the tour to Nova Scotia!

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