Monday, 15 July 2013

Getting so close yet still a few days away...Whitebourne for the night

And the wind finally got the cycling crew today but again no rain and only sunshine! We are so lucky!

We had a much calmer boat ride back from St. Pierre and again the Tutu Bicycle arrived safe and sound in Newfoundland. We headed north again along the 210 back to the Trans Canada Highway. This time we got to go down the infamous mile mountain and into Swift Current. I even got to take a dip in the pool...I am one lucky Puffin.

Everyone is saying how I've been just sitting on the bike the whole trip but I tell you I have been doing lots of sight seeing on the ride and taking it all in. Today I think I almost had my hat come off about a dozen times because of the crazy truck drivers. All and all the drivers have been so nice it must be because we are getting close to the city. But wait no St John's yet...I have to go see my Newfoundland bird friends! Tomorrow or the day after we are going to go on a puffin boat tour....I CANNOT WAIT!

Two days left until St. John's and then a few days rest until we say farewell to my two friends who will be fyling back to Ottawa. My trip is not quite done still a few days left after St. John's.

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