How to Help

So you've read and read and now you want to do something to help Phoebe, to help all the other children living with this disease or you just want to share your thoughts and talk to someone. Yeah I know how you feel that's why I decided to get on my bicycle. The issue is so big but remember anything helps. Here are some suggestions for you just in case you need a little help to start:

1) Make some noise and shout it out from your roof top that you want something done about childhood cancer (I think Jenny, Phoebe's mom, would really love it if we all did this one everyday! Do it now!) Come and join us in Newfoundland!

2) Become a blood donor

3)  Sign up on the marrow and stem cell registry

4) Donate to research hospitals like St. Jude's Children Research Hospital in Memphis, Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, or CHEO in Ottawa (all places where Phoebe has received treatment)

5) Donate to Childhood Cancer Canada

6) Make wishes for children with cancer or and share them with others

7) Talk to others and spread the word!...the idea is to start a ripple somewhere and create a ripple effect.

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