Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Could Newfoundland have more hills?

Wow what a hilly couple of days! We were told a couple of days ago in Newfoundland you are either going up or down. I have for sure seen the tops of hills and the very bottoms of I think at least 100...well maybe not that many but lots and lots!
Let me describe to you yesterday's scenery as we peddled for hours and hours down the burin peninsula. As the tutu navigator told me, Newfoundland once had glaciers and these rock holders we saw yesterday everywhere are called erratics that were left behind from the glaciers about 10000 years ago. It was so cool to see!
We peddled through marystown late yesterday and found out after 120kms we had to peddle another 15 kms which doesn't sound too bad but remember we had been climbing all day. We made it and slept so well.
Today was a shorter ride into fortune where we will catch the ferry to st Pierre... Folks we are going to Europe! This island is a French colony so I will let you know hopefully tomorrow if I  eating delicious baked treats.
I have to say that I am getting known around here, lots of honks from cars and people are recognizing the tutu navigators tutu. Phoebe your story is definitely being shared and people are so I interested!
Signing out for now and I'll be in touch with hopefully pictures tomorrow!

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