Friday, 12 July 2013

Leaving France and heading towards St. Johns

Almost rested from over 1000kms of riding and back on my Tutu bicycle again tomorrow. We had a great time exploring St Pierre, on foot. Here are some pictures from a few days ago. I need to catch you up with what we have been up to. Tomorrow we might be sleeping somewhere along the Burin Peninsula so probably no chance to write but cross our fingers for nice drivers and tail wind to push my Tutu Navigator and friends up and over the hills.
Here I am tellling tales to all of you at an information centre outside of Grand Falls

Can you see me? Im on the bike

Looking over the ledge on our way to Terra Nova Provincial Park

My friends ahead of me zooming down the huge hill. We had to climb it the next morning

Terra Nova Provincial Park
Trees that are bent over because of the winds on the Burin Peninsula

Lupins, flowers you see all along the road

I love hanging out in the grass and relaxing

Huge waterslide at a campground we stayed at. Doesnt it look awesome!?

Find me?

Our usual set up at a campground

My usual set up at the campground....comfy!

Where we registered to get on the ferry

Getting on the ferry. Watch out for waves!

I got to look out and try and not get sea sick. I have a weak tummy sometimes.

Someone decided to paint me

I took this one for all of the hockey fans.;;Do you know what this is used for? Its a gqrbqge holder...

My friend Francine playing at the skate park

Looking at St Pierre from the big hill we climbed

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  1. I love seeing all these places that I have been too myself. I love that you are wearing a TuTu and bringing your puffin along for the ride. Way to go and go Phoebe!!!
    Thank you for doing this incredibly challenging adventure while raising awareness for little Phoebe all the way!