Thursday, 4 July 2013

Riding on the Rock-Corner Brook Day 3

Hello friends!

We've now been riding, well I've been basking in the beautiful sunshine while my Tutu Navigator pedals up and down hills, for three days now. We haven't had access to any internet until now. Let's see, over the passed couple days we've seen lots of trees, mountains, water and trucks. I even saw 2 huge beaver lodges and some toads yesterday. The first day our stove didn't work so we had to make our oatmeal on the fire pit but Tutu Navigator figured it out the problem and so last night we had a huge feast of dahl, veggies and couscous...I would prefer my regular fish food but I'm with three vegetarians so I guess I won't complain since I do get to relax all the the time..hehe.

So far the wind has been on our backs and the sunshine in the sky but I think I should go now into town to do some shopping but check out some of the pictures we've taken so far.

Tonight we'll be in Deerlake and off to the east! Aurevoir for now!

Oh wait I forgot to tell you that I've been able to talk to lots of people so far and share Phoebe's story. I've also gotten some more donations. We're going to continue to share stories!

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