I am only a small Puffin; however a mighty one. My Tutu Bicycle navigator, Daun Lynch and I want to share Phoebe's story as we cycle the beautiful province of Newfoundland, Canada. As an educator, I also hope to teach some people about this issue. We thought we might challenge ourselves by making some donations as well.

And so the following are the goals of the "Riding for Phoebe Rose-Puffy the Puffin and the Tutu Bicycle" Tour:

1) To raise awareness about the impact of childhood cancer by sharing Phoebe Rose's story. The awareness will be done in the following ways:
a) Give out information about Phoebe's Story (i.e. pamphlet info card with links to her mom's blog that has links to other important sites)

b) Ride with a sign that has the link to my blog and Phoebe's mom's blog
c) Make sure we make some noise, by shouting or maybe singing...who knows how we might be feeling that day, to show our concern towards this issue!

2) To donate $10-20 to Childhood Cancer Canada for every meal that is donated to the ride and $25-50 to Childhood Cancer Canada for every accommodation per night that is donated to the ride (i.e. campsite, plot of land, room, etc).

3) To engage children in the bicycle tour by carrying a Puffin stuffy on the Tutu bicycle who is called Puffy and write blog posts as mini-stories about a Puffin going across Newfoundland to reach his family on the west coast while sharing Phoebe's story.

and finally...

4) To wear a tutu everyday (unless it is not safe for some reason) to represent the free spirit of children...being silly, having fun, dancing, singing, laughing, playing, twirling and having adventures! The tutu also represents to me the joy of life that every child deserves.


  1. Daun,
    Had I known this was happening I could have asked Tom's parents' in Pasadena (near Deer Lake) to find you some accomodations. It's a beautiful province, enjoy your ride and thank you for doing such a great thing!

    Stephanie Prince (former labmate of Travis').

  2. hi Daun,

    I'm a reporter for a newspaper in Clarenville. Just wondering when you'll be passing through so we can go out and get a photo. Let me know.