Who is Riding

Originally from Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Loves wearing cool hats and dancing to the fiddle. Also loves to go on adventures especially cycling ones. Looking forward to spreading the word about Phoebe Rose's story and hopes to meet Phoebe one day.

Daun Lynch
Where to start and be brief. Currently, I am an elementary teacher in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I love teaching because it makes me laugh, well most of the time;) I am a fairly busy person but I also cherish my relaxing time because if I am not relaxing I am moving. I tend to get an idea in my head and then have to pursue it like cycling across Canada promoting sustainable living solutions and the Kyoto Protocol (2002), cycling the Pacific Coast Trail (San Francisco to Vancouver) and fundraising for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill (2010), running the Boston Marathon (2009), competing at Nationals in University Cross Country Running (2006), being part of a five person waterskiing pyramid (at camp when I was 14), playing chubby bunny with grapes against my stepsisters (anytime!). My favorite motto is "Life is too short" and so I have to complete the things I want to do! To contact me directly please email daun.lynch@gmail.com

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