Friday, 5 July 2013

Farewell Deerlake...

After a beautiful ride from Corner Brook we ended up at the Deerlake Campground. I tell you there are some blackflies here! My two friends cycling with us, Heather and Francine, have gotten eaten alive (meaning lots and lots of bites). We were so thankful for lots of wind at our campsite.

I was also interviewed by CBC Corner Brook yesterday while waiting for the Tutu Navigator to have our bicycle looked at. Don't worry just some minor adjustments, apparently our bike is quite heavy! I will also hopefully have an interview on Monday by phone by CBC but probably friends in Ottawa may not get this station. I will try and post a link if I find the interview.

After leaving Corner Brook a nice lady pulled over to say hi to us and offered a place to stay but we had to keep going. So far, the people of Newfoundland have been so kind and helpful.

I can't share any pictures today because I can't attach my camera but hopefully in the next few days I'll share some more...I am getting so good with technology especially for a puffin!

I just wanted to say thank you to Cycling Solutions for their help with my bike in Corner Brook!

Today, we may go further than Sheppardville so check a map and look for South Brook (south of Springdale) and if we are feeling really good we might just go there!

Talk to you soon!

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