Sunday, 7 July 2013

Good sleep at Brookdale Campground and now on to Terra Nova

Wow another day of wind at our backs and sun in the sky! I would have to say I am the luckiest bird on the planet!

We are right now taking a break somewhere in between Grand Falls and Gander. We were pretty tired last night so we stopped in Bishop's Falls and had a great sleep and swim in the campground pool. Our host from Brookdale Campground, Phil greeted us with a smile and some funny tales. He also gave my friends some nicknames: Heather is now Handsome Heather, Francine is now Prince/Princess Francine and Delta Daun (Tutu Navigator). I am so impressed with how friendly everyone is and how giving they are to our ride.

In the last few days we've had over $100 of donations for Childhood Cancer Canada so thank you to all of the friendly strangers who have stopped to chat to us and donated to the cause. Phoebe and her family will be so excited!

Before I share some pictures I thought I would introduce you to the two wild ladies I am cycling with. The first is Heather, or Handsome Heather. She is the master of questions. She is always thinking and asking questions that we have no clue of the answers. She also loves Blok Shocks and all other foods. She loves to laugh and makes we laugh when I am bored on my bike.

And then there is Princess Francine. She is the power of our group. She is also like our mother and always wants to make sure we are ok, are we drinking enough water? do we have enough food? Something else about our princess is that she sure likes to shower but unfortunately the Newfoundland black flies have caught on and love her royal blood.

Canadian and Newfoundland Flag

I be chillin' at the Deerlake Campground!

Beautiful Sandy Lake

My two cycling pals

Outside of our B and B, Indian River Brook B & B 

Taking a boat ride in Springdale

Doreen's Newfoundland Music "Ugly Stick"

The lovely Doreen and her puffin friend!
Doreen is also the author of two Newfoundland children's books 
and our host at the Indian Brook B and B. She is also the musician of 
the ugly stick. She is one wild woman. Thank Doreen for your hospitality!

Me with Doreen's grandson's Flat Stanley

Old fire truck

One last thing, we wanted to give a huge shout out to our new friend, Jay who we met at the campground last night. He stopped today and gave us water on the road sounds probably not too exciting for most people but it will probably be our highlight of the day! Thanks Jay!


  1. Your welcome. I tried to send you a few photos but I didn't have a very good signal. I will try later.
    Take Care.

  2. Hello from Phoebe and Mae in Ottawa. We are loving following Puffy's journey.